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I’ve hit a complete creative dry spell! Why?! Is fate paying me back for the less than friendly hand gesture I gave that guy while driving a few weeks ago? It’s killing me!

No crochet, no knitting…nothing. I’m dead in the water. I keep thinking I need some inspiration. One really good pattern that pulls me out of it but then I think “To what end?”. Who will I make it for? Should I sell or give it away?

Life is nothing without a little creativity and mine just stuck her head in the oven and turned the gas on full blast. NEED HELP!

3 thoughts on “AAAARGH!

  1. I’ve been there before, it’s no fun and I thought it would never end. I got pulled out of it by the lure of new yarn I found online…then I found a pattern. Try to relax and let it come back to you…the more you chase it the more elusive it can be. Hang in there :-s

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