Nanananana Batman!

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 1.22.47 PM

I recently took on the project of making a my son a super hero cape since his beloved t-shirt featuring Batman symbol and removable cape started getting small on him. With a stand alone cape, he can wear it with anything and we can end the nightly tug of war about washing the cursed shirt that he’s lived in for a week. The one below is what I came up with without a pattern. Please keep in mind that I’m an artist and I get sensitive about my schtuff.



I love the collar and how that turned out.  I HATE capes that you tie, especially on younger kids because I’m terrified they will end up choking themselves. So I made the collar broad and connects with a side release parachute buckle. It’s awesome! DS (Dear Son) can undo it himself and a much reduced chance of anything getting too tight on his neck. So good vibes there.

What I hate is the cape it’s self, I need another kind of yarn for it. The one I used was Red Heart With Love but I think it’s too fuzzy. I wanted it soft but it tends to get giant fuzzies upon impact with his toys or velcro.

I’ll be making another one as soon as I figure out what kind of material I want to use again. In the mean time, I have a happy Batman child running through the house.

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