Come Inside and Meet the Misses!


I found this while rocking my son to sleep and almost threw the poor kid down from excitement! The worm from Labyrinth!

First, best movie EVER!

Second, David Bowie’s codpiece seemed a bit prominent for a kids flick in retrospect but I digress.

Third, love this worm! Three minutes tops in the whole film and he leaves a lasting impression for nerds with yarn power to bring back the joy for us many years later.

This one I found on and is by far the best replica I’ve seen! Downfall? Not intended for play. It has painted details and small non-Stitched parts more suitable for adult fandom.

Want something more for the kiddies? How about this?


There are tons of patterns out there for this little guy and not all of them are cute. This one is the most awesomest! Lookit that lil face!

Either pattern is not for the faint of heart so if you’re the babe with the power (what power?) get to work on this! Like, now! Squee!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Come Inside and Meet the Misses!

  1. Reblogged this on threeprettyposies and commented:
    This is so fantastic! I am not particularly skilled at crocheting, but I am tempted to try to make up a knitted version of this little cutie for my larger pretty posie’s birthday.

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