7 thoughts on “Polar…Where? On Your Frikkin Finger Tip

  1. I just envy those who crochet these micro amigurumis. They must be having eyes and fingers that are so sharp 🙂 Seriously, there is this lady who sells these amazing micro fingertip amigurumis on Etsy. Probably she crochets them in embroidery floss in 0.1111 hooks 😉 LOL
    Don’t remember if she sells the patterns or finished ones. you could check her out on etsy.

    • Thanks! Found her! She is really amazing. She makes foxes and teddy bears too! I didn’t see patterns. I can’t really blame her for not sharing a trade secret but I wanna know!!!!

      • glad you found her 🙂 perhaps you could try crocheting a polar bear pattern with embroidery floss, if you have the patience…that is all there is to it I am guessing. Smallest hook and thinner thread should get you that micro size.

  2. I think you would use a regular pattern with tiny thread and a micro hook for this kind of thing, plus some tweezers to hold it without crushing it, and massive magnification. It is utterly amazing, such talent! 🙂

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