Reverse Single Crochet! Why Do You Hate Me?!

Psst. Com’ere.

So I have not been posting pics of my latest project because it’s a Christmas gift for my bestie and in the spirit of the holiday it will be a surprise. Which is why we are speaking in hushed tones now.

But you know what’s not a surprise? Do ya? It’s that I would have issues with the damn thing when I’m trying to get it sent out before Christmas! That’s the way it goes doesn’t it? EVERY TIME!

Reverse single crochet looks easy but for the life of me I can figure it out. What I’m doing does NOT look like this.


I’m supposed to be doing it in the front loops only…does that make a difference? It doesn’t matter. I’m just going with it because what I’m doing doesn’t look bad it just doesn’t look right. I’ll post picks after the new year. In the meantime I’m deciding what my next endeavor will be! So exciting!

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