Sock Monkey, That Funky Monkey!


I’ve been fighting it for a week but it’s official. I have the plague.

It’s not that bad really. Just achy and sluggish, whiney, stuffy, and tired. I’m a joy to be around. I’m taking OTC drugs to get through the day. The good stuff from BEHIND the counter too! Nothing but the best for this little Petri dish of doom!

So now, looking at the commercial cup of coffee I’m drinking to counteract the drowsy effect of my meds, I feel like something is missing. I needs me a warm hug from outside of my cup not just the inside.

I needs me a…sock monkey!!!! I never understood why people had cozies until now. They are like stuffed animals for adults. Bringing comfort and joy to the ordinary.

Isn’t he cute?! I don’t know why he has only one in this picture but you can make yours with both. I know I will.

Sock Monkey Coffee Cozy by Inner Hooker on Ravelry.

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