The Aussies Have it In Spades!

For the last week I have been struggling to get this to work…

Rnd 1: 8 sc into 2 ch from hk, sl st into 1st sc to join. (8 sts)

Cause If I could just get that then it opens a plethora of hat patterns I can tackle. FINALLY! It’s all clear thanks to Paula Daniele – the Crochet Designer, Teacher and Video Producer of the Crochet Hooks You Youtube Channel and Website. She’s the most amazing teacher! Not too quick, soothing voice, and great patterns she designed herself.

Remember that baby hat I crocheted a few posts ago? That was hers. And I’m learning some new moves with an octagonal coaster from this installment. If you’re learning and need some help, this is your gal!

3 thoughts on “The Aussies Have it In Spades!

  1. Hello Sarah, Thank you so much for writing a post on my work, how it helped you and all the lovely comments you have made about me. You’ve put a smile on my face today. 😀
    All the best, Paula Daniele @ Crochet Hooks You! xx

    • Wow! I’m super blown over you dropped me a line! At first I was just going send a message that was nothing but a girlish squeal of excitement but I figure actual English is best. Thanks for all do you with your site! I’m becoming a better hooker (so to speak) because of it. Happiness in the New Year to you and yours!

      • Well I’m glad to know that I can make you blow over and squeal at the same time. LOL! It’s my pleasure to be sharing my work with you and everyone else. I’m happy to hear that you’ve become a ‘better hooker’!! Good on ya, gal!

        All the happiness in the world to you and your loved ones and make this year the best one yet!!

        Paula Daniele

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