The Only 6 Pack I Will Ever Have! Craft Caddy Coolness!


I’m not typically a connoisseur of the pale ales but every Fall I do look forward to good pumpkin beer. If you haven’t had one, they are GOOD! But you have to get a decent one like these by Blue Moon. Give it a go! They are crisp with a hint of pumpkin spice on the end that’s not too sweet and goes well with hot chili in a cool night. And when you’ve had 2 or 3 or…5 and you’re left with the cardboard box poised and ready for trash bin, STOP!

Just stop right there! The fun has not ended, mon amie! That packaging like the one pictured above is about to become your craft caddy! No way, you say? Yes way! Here’s how.

20131105-133108.jpg Six-Pack Craft Caddy

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