All the Single Crochet! *all the single crochet*!


I can’t stand Beyoncé but whenever I hear or see the term “single crochet”, her song pops on my head and then I’m all like…

If you like it then you shoulda put a hook in it! Oh oh oh…! and so on.

Ok! SO! Single crochet means going through BOTH loops when you’re working across! Riiiight!

Good news? Got that DOWN! *high five!*

Bad news? The edges of my swatch are angled! Grrrrr….why?!


Forget this noise with swatches. Ima start making hats and see where that takes me. I love hats! Love them!

5 thoughts on “All the Single Crochet! *all the single crochet*!

  1. Do you do a turning chain when you’re starting a new row? You might not be picking it up & single crocheting in the turning chain stitch when you get to the end of each row. This would make each row 1 stitch shorter.
    You can probably make a hat without doing a swatch. I almost never…okay make that never…make gauge swatches. Color me lazy!

      • That’ll make a difference for hats too. I would recommend learning the double crochet stitch & trying a basic hat using that stitch first. It’ll work up faster and is easier to count stitches to make sure you’re staying on track.

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