I’m Taking on Crochet!


Yesterday I fell pray the siren call of crochet in Michael’s. I used my 40% off coupon and bought the kit. Can’t beat it for $8! Then! Went across the street to Joann’s to take advantage of their Halloween sales. Grabbed some wool blends and salivated over some beautiful craft stations I want when I’m big and tall.

But I’m gonna give it try. Taught myself the single crochet stitch last night. You can see the results in my pic up there. I hope it’s right.

Can’t decide if it’s easier than knitting yet but it sure is fun!


5 thoughts on “I’m Taking on Crochet!

  1. Yay! another convert 😉 your single crochet stitches look fabulous – nice and even. Isn’t it fast? I can’t tell for sure – are you working into one loop of the stitches only, rather than into both loops of the stitch? It looks like you’re working into the back loops only…If so, that’s actually a technique often used for creating a subtle ribbed effect or texture

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