What Gives?

silence At the risk of sounding a bit daft, I have to know: Other than the fact one way uses two sticks instead of one, what is the REAL difference between crochet and knitting? Every Joann’s or Michael’s I go into it seems like crochet has the corner market on books and patterns but people still treat it like the red headed stepchild to knitting. Example:

Random person: “I knit!”

Everyone: * sounds of reverence and joy*


Random person: “I crochet!”

Everyone: “Oh…” *refuses to make eye contact*


Is it easier or harder than knitting? Is it more versatile?  Or is it simply a preference like Winter or Spearmint gum? Your thoughts after this…

2 thoughts on “What Gives?

  1. ok, I’ll try to keep this short, and please keep in mind this is only my opinion. I like both and do both, but there are significant differences:

    1) crochet stitches are larger than knit stitches, so fewer stitches per inch, which CAN mean faster projects – particularly good for blankets. However, crochet stitches require more hand movement per stitch, so if you’re really good at knitting, that can be faster too.
    2) Crochet uses more yarn – it eats yarn, compared to knitting.
    3) Given the same yarn, crochet comes out chunkier…not as easy to get intricate details or smooth curves like, oh, say sweater shaping.
    4) It’s easier to pick up stitches in crochet, for things like edgings, changing colors, etc.
    5) the crochet stitches are twistier, so it’s easier to hide your tails while working than it is with knitting.
    6) lace is easier in crochet…but again, given the same yarn, it comes out more delicate in knitting. That’s not to say crochet can’t be just as delicate, you just have to use finer yarn / thread.
    7) Crochet seems to require fewer tools. Since you only have 1 stitch on the hook at any given time in traditional crochet, the size of the piece is not limited by the size of your needles. This of course is not necessarily true of tunisian crochet, which is different.
    8) I cords are twice as hard in crochet as they are in knitting.

    That’s all I can think of, off the top of my head. In truth, I find both are best when you’re not afraid to use them together. Knit sweaters with pretty crochet edgings, crochet garments with knit cords, knit pieces joined together with decorative crochet…so many options! people who insist one is better than the other really don’t know what they’re missing.

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