I’m Really Trying Here…


I’m really trying. I am. I’m all for tree hugging hippiness and recycling. And yes. I do get that we do this sheep. But knitting dog hair or cat hair seems to me like ordering prime rib and finding out you’re eating horse.

I love my cats but I have NIL desire to wear them as socks. What I also don’t get are the people on the Amazon reviews who shaved their dogs only to turn around and knit them a sweater from their own fur.


I don’t know. Call me a philistine. If anyone has tried this or is fan, let me know. This could be one of those ” don’t knock it till you’ve tried it” things.

4 thoughts on “I’m Really Trying Here…

  1. Ok, so I have tried spinning dog hair. It actually started out as a joke from some friends who had a husky and has recently been brushed. I washed the dog hair and blended it with wool that I had. Of course my dog wouldn’t move away from my spinning wheel because he was on to the dog hair. But long story short, it actually worked out fine and I knitted at doggie cell phone case for my friend (a pattern from an old issue of Spin Off). I would definitely not just spin dog hair, but it was fun joking around with friends.

      • I didn’t read this book, but find it a little amusing. I have a rat terrier, so I definitely couldn’t spin his fur. As soon as I figure how to post a photo to a reply, I’ll post the picture of the doggie that I knitted.

      • Awww! Puppy! I would love to your dog. 😀

        I’m searching my library for a copy so I can read it too. Everyone says it’s good times on amazon. My aversion could also be my issue with loose hair in general. It wigs me out. Even my own! This could totally be a personal problem all together…

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