Obsessed with This Song Right Now

Was chillin’ watching VidZone on my PS3 while working the baby sweater and this song came on. TOTALLY forgot about this! I used to love this when I was a kid! I would dance around with my mom’s scarves and pretend I was was Paula doing her uber sexy gyspy dancing or whatever she had going on there. And wait…is that…is that KEANU REEVES?! Holy crap! It is! Never made the connection! And he’s young and adorable. Even better cause he isn’t talking and if he is, we can’t hear him. Siiiigh.

But I’m watching this and I had to put down my needles while my 30-something brain tried to figure out the story here. Soooo her boyfriend is a jerk and dies in a race against Keanu and he won her in so doing? How is that at all related to the song?! It’s a romantic ballad about a lonely lover! That is not what’s happening on the screen! It’s not even like Paula wanted Keanu and he saved her from an abusive relationship or anything. She was a tease, the harlot!

I’d stop watching this nonsense but I’m kind of liking the look of Keanu and his boyish smile. That’s right. Drive those white wall tires you sexy son of a b*tch…

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