Yamak-ing Me Crazy!


Finished my first project and it looks NOTHING like the picture but damn if I ain’t prouder than a peacock!

It’s supposed to be a beanie for a preemie but I don’t know of a human child that could sport this successfully. It’s very small and not a hat so much as a yamaka. But it looks good! And I did it myself! Yay!









Maybe it can double as a key cushion so I don’t scratch my table when I drop my keys?

I figured out what I did wrong. Totally missed the middle part if the pattern where I was supposed to stockinette for 4-5 inches. Riiiight. And the damnable ribbing! Still trying to get that right…

Oh well! Try try again!

6 thoughts on “Yamak-ing Me Crazy!

    • You know, have no idea what this yarn is. I bought it forever ago when I first thought of knitting and abandoned the idea. Is there a way to find out?

      • I’ve read about some sort of ‘burn’ test before, but really wouldn’t recommend it because synthetics will melt. If you wanted to see if it will felt I’d just chuck it in the washing machine 🙂

  1. I work with premies… THeir head circumferences vary a lot depending on how early they are born. I think if it has a circumference greater or equal to 25cm, it will fit a little head no problem! I should know as we measure their heads on a weekly basis! Hope this helps! 🙂

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