“Hobbies are helpful” or “I’ve no health insurance and can’t afford a therapist”


So after getting demoted at work and getting a significant chunk of my income snatched away I’ve had a hard time bouncing back from the Land o’ Depression.

Rumor has it that meditation helps but eff that noise. I don’t have time for that! I feel like a ferret on crystal meth and you want me to sit still for 30 mins? Please…

So I figure KNITTING! Keeps my hands busy, my mind too cause I have no idea what the crap I’m doing, and it’s productive. (Apparently you can make hats and stuff. Whaaat? They don’t all just come from GAP???)

So I bought this kit from Hobby Lobby and it came with a DVD and all the fixings for starting my journey into knitted awesomeness.

This better work. I swear I’ll drown myself in the ladies toilet at work if I don’t find some relief soon…

4 thoughts on ““Hobbies are helpful” or “I’ve no health insurance and can’t afford a therapist”

  1. Hmmm. I know everyone says that it’s therapeutic, but I think learning to knit caused me on more than one occasion to throw my needles and yarn across the room and have a bit of a tantrum. It does get easier though, I promise!

    • Well here’s hoping. I’m not gonna lie, I was kinda pissed at first but at least if I get this right I’ll be something productive other than wringing my hands all day.

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